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Download DtmVic (version 6.2 of DTM)

Software DtmVic: Exploratory statistical processing of complex data sets comprising both numerical and textual data.

Applications concern primarily the field of "Multivariate Descriptive Statistical Analysis", the processing of responses to open ended questions in socio-economic sample surveys, the exploration of texts (with or without metadata).

- Special emphasis on:

Complementary use of visualization techniques (Principal Component Analysis, Two-way and Multiple Correspondence Analysis) and clustering techniques (hybrid method using both hierarchical clustering and k-means technique; Self Organizing Maps (SOM); Additive trees.

Assessments of visualization techniques: resampling techniques (bootstrap, partial bootstrap, total bootstrap, bootstrapping variables). Three kinds of total bootstrap are provided: Total bootstrap type 1: simple change of sign of the axes for the replicated analyses, when needed. Total bootstrap type 2: as type 1, plus: corrections for possible interversions of axes. Total bootstrap type 3: corrections of the replicated principal subspaces using procrustean analyses.

Contiguity analysis and related methods. Kohonen maps (SOM).

The present version of this free software contains a series of typical examples of data processing and textual data processing.
[13 commented application examples and 3 examples of data importation are available].

The user can run the software on his/her own data sets via changing a few parameters and complying with the input formats shown in the examples (data, dictionary and texts).
Several importation procedures can make much easier the input of data.
The menu item: "Create a command file" allows the user to generate easily a command file.
Importation from Excel(r), exportation of dtm files to Excel or R.

Limitations about this version: 30,000 respondents (individuals, rows), 1,200 variables (numerical or categorical), 100,000 characters for the response of an individual to a set of open-ended questions; (No theoretical limitation of size for the texts in the case of texts not inserted in a sample survey).

WARNING: For those users of Windows who are not administrator of their computer: Please install Dtm-Vic in a directory to which you have a free access.

(Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10)
Easy installation for DtmVic (version 6.2 of DTM)]
"Data and Text Mining, Visualisation, Inference, Classification "

1. Installation guide for DTM

2. Downloading part 1 [Software]

3. Downloading part 2 [examples]

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