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Tutorials for DtmVic

(Download the Tutorial in pdf format)

(The software DtmVic should be downloaded beforehand, since the tutorial makes use of the example data sets)

Tutorial A :  An introduction to DtmVic

Six elementary examples to discover DtmVic

Tutoriel B :  DtmVic and textual data

Tree more examples about textual data

Unlike Tutorial A, the following examples use existing command files (or: parameter files). Each example corresponds to a directory included in the directory "DtmVic-Examples_B_Texts" that has been downloaded with DtmVic.

Tutorial C : DtmVic with numerical data: Semiometry, Fisher's Iris data, Graphs, Images.

Four examples to practise DtmVic with numerical data

Tutorial D :  Data importation

Three examples of Data Importation

After a description of internal DtmVic data format, and a preliminary section D0 devoted to direct capture of the dictionaries and data files from the keyboard, four types of data importations are presented.

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