User's Guide for Dtm-Vic

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The Manual is a (hopefully) friendly updated version of the Tutorial.

     Manual:   Exploring Numerical and Textual Data in Practice with Dtm-Vic

                                Table of Content



I. Overview of Dtm Vic

1. Setting up data files
2. Data Analysis methods
3. Visualizations
4. The Toolbox
5. Internal data files format

II. Numerical data: Getting started from three examples

1. Principal Component Analysis "time budget"
2. Correspondence Analysis: media research
3. Multiple Correspondence Analysis : "Aspirations Surveys"

III. Textual data: Getting started from three examples

1. Correspondence analysis of texts: poems
2. Textual analysis of open questions: survey "Life"
3. Direct analysis of free responses, with classification.

IV. Three more examples to practise DtmVic with textual data

1. Open question in Sample Survey
2. Open question and MCA
3. Analysis of a semantic network.

V. Other Examples with Dtm-Vic

1. Numerical data: Semiometry
2. Numerical data: Contiguity (Iris Fisher / Anderson)
3. Description of graphs
4. Compression of images

VI. Importation procedures

0. Capture of dictionary and data
1. Importation from an Excel File
2. Importation of Textual Data from a free format file
3. Importation of both numerical and Textual Data from a XML format file.